Profitable Traffic Building – 3 Big Myths and What to Do Instead to Build Your Traffic (Get Started)

Got traffic? You need it online to build a successful business.

And building a successful online business is why you’re here, right?

So there are lots of myths about traffic generation. If I went after all of them is this article we’d be here all day. So I’m just going to go after 3 of the biggest ones and what to do instead.

Traffic Building Myth #1 – You Have to Pay for High Quality Traffic – This one is usually promoted by those who have a course on paid traffic. Naturally.

I’m not against paid traffic. Not at all. However, my strong recommendation is you wait to pay for traffic until you’ve got a proven system for leading people from prospects to profits.

The Truth and What to Do Instead – There are plenty of sources online for free high quality traffic. This article that you are reading is one of them. And they flat out work. In fact, every single member in my high level mentorship program came in through free traffic.

Traffic Building Myth #2 – You Only Need One Great Source of Traffic – If you believe this, there’s a pretty good chance you are being lazy. Dan Kennedy is spot on when he says “the worst number in business is one.”

What happens if your one great source of traffic dries up? What happens if something changes online that makes your one great source of traffic obsolete? (Remember MySpace?) This is not a good or safe position for you to be in with your traffic sources.

The Truth and What to Do Instead – Just like you want the chair you’re sitting in held up by more than one leg, you always want to have multiple great sources of traffic.

Traffic Building Myth #3 – Only Experienced “Gurus” Have Access to Great Sources of Traffic – First of all, I sure dislike that word “guru.” In fact, I always take the time to instruct anyone who is introducing me to never use the word guru. It’s just gross.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. With that out of the way, I’ll had that many people use this myth as an excuse for not building traffic. I think that’s gross too.

The Truth and What to Do Instead – The truth is even Day One Beginners can get high quality free traffic. Something that will help you get started is leveraging the 4 rules of traffic.

And you can grab your Free Instant Access to a mercifully brief video about The 4

3pl services 3PL Services
3pl services 3PL Services
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Three Tips to Advanced Traffic Building

You need traffic – more and more traffic to keep your business growing. But how do you build that traffic? If you are marketing an online business there is know doubt that you need to traffic build, you need a step by step proses of advertising strategies to effectively drive traffic to your business.

So then what form of advertising can you use to traffic build? What can you use to get the most out of your advertising? How can you get the most targeted traffic to your web sites? Below I have listed three of the most advanced ways to traffic build, try them they work.

1. PPC Advertising – This is probably the best traffic you can get as it is highly targeted, this is how you do it – go to Google create an AdWords account, then you will need to chose some effective key words that will target your niche market.

The best way I found to do this is by going to Google and type in a key word phrase, and write down your key words and test this for a week, you are searching for a high search with low competition, a second strategy is to see what key words your competition is using, you can do this real easy.

Try this – when you find a good quality key word or phrase, you can hover the mouse over any link on that first page then rite click, and click properties you will be able to see the key words your competition is using, but note some times you will not be able to see them, just be consistent and you will effectively uncover a good key word to bid on.

Try to do what is called long tail key word research, many will usually start their Google ad-wards account not knowing what key words they are going to use, choosing the rite key words will have a huge impact in your traffic building effort. Just know that the more targeted you are with your key words the more traffic you can build with less time wasted.

A long tail key word is more like a phrase that you would type into Google search, so instead of one or two single words you would use a longer phase, such as “how to make money with online article marketing” apposed to make money article.

2. Blogging – This is a sure fire way to instantly start driving some great traffic, you see Google loves relevant content and by creating a blog and posting regularly to that blog you can quickly start seeing more and more traffic.

When you are trying to traffic build you should make sure that all your blogging content is based on a specific key word, or key word phrase. So if your creating content and blogging about new food recipes it would be great to use all three of those key words – new – food – recipes in the title of your blog post as well as in the first, second, and closing paragraph of your post, this can have a great impact on your traffic building efforts.

3. Article Marketing – Now this is my favorite form of traffic building as you do not need a blog to see real traffic coming into your sales funnel, you can get the same results from creating real valuable content and publishing that content to article directories.

Try this, make it a point to write a few articles a week start with one a day if possible – then try and think of what it is your target market needs are, perhaps do a review on areas that look weak and then write a quality article that will address the problem and give a helpful answer or strategy of how they can fix that problem.

This is in my opinion the absolute best, I use article marketing to really drive some serious traffic. You see by creating real helpful content and offering that content to your targeted market you can effectively attract traffic fast, and the more consistent you are at publishing articles the more you can effectively traffic build.

Traffic building is the blood line of your business, you need traffic and qualified traffic always coming in to your pipeline sales funnel, I use article directories they are the best form of traffic, highly targeted and you build trust by becoming the authority in your niche.

Luke Picco is a professional internet marketing mentor and coach that helps families from all walks of life build full time home businesses on the internet quickly and affordably.

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